It seems like my department hasn’t received the newest edition of the Computer Music Journal, but I had a look in the edition for Winter 2007.

There were a few interesting things.

The introduction mentioned a study into how different intervals sound consonant or dissonant because of the interference patterns that are created in the cochlea.

There was also an interesting article: Paul Nauert, Division- and Addition-Based Models of Rhythm in a Computer Assisted Composition System. Sadly the articles don’t seem to be accessible from the website, but I will have a go later through the Royal Library’s remote connection system. 🙂

Bachelor of Arts – where to go from here?

I seriously need to use bookmarks more – it took me 10 minutes to find my own blog. This also doesn’t reflect very well on the search function of the CU blog portal. Maybe it’ll get better as I add more entries

I’ve finished my BA in musicology with the project “What is understood by the term Crunk in Denmark?“. I ended with a grade of 7 (ECTS: C) and I’m very sure that the oral defence helped raise the grade, so don’t expect too much if you start reading it 😉

I’ve enrolled for the two year masters degree in Musicology, but I’m not sure whether that’s the way I want to go. My priorities are split between working and studying, as they seem to be somewhat mutually exclusive, but I’m not really in doubt that I want to finish a masters degree at some point. The question will be which degree and when.